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The Darlinghurst Public School P&C association was re-established and allied with the P&C Federation of NSW in 1995. 

The P&C is a strong body of parents and friends who are committed to supporting the principal and the staff in their endeavours to educate and care for the children at our school. Please visit the Darlo P&C website for more information ilovedarlo.com.au/ or email us directly at admin@ilovedarlo.com.au.

Currently the Darlinghurst P&C has four sub-committees, the Play Centre management committee, the uniform shop commitee, the dance school committee and the fundraising committee.

The Play Centre Management Committee operates the Darlo Play Centre, one of the oldest (and best!) Before and After School centres in the area.  Play Centre offers a wide variety of programs and activities.

Very active in fundraising activities to benefit our students, the P&C hosts various fundraising activities that have included trivia and auction nights, art shows of our children's wonderful works,  a Spanish night, various raffles, sausage sizzles, sales and community get togethers.  The money from these activities has purchased many teaching and learning resources, library resources and technological equipment to further our children's education.

The P&C also takes an active part in policy forming.  The principal uses the P&C meetings as a forum to gather ideas and information from the entire school community.  The executive committee works closely with the principal and staff for the benefit of the entire school.

Darlinghurst P&C has something for everyone: whether your interest is in policy, fundraising, organising, managing, or just lending a hand - everyone is welcome.  If you wish to become a member with voting rights there is an annual membership of two dollars ($2.00). You can visit ilovedarlo.com.au/membership to sign up. Our AGM is held in May when all members are welcome to nominate for executive positions.

P&C meetings are held in the school library on a Wednesday each month, alternating between morning and evening sessions for greater accessibility. All parents and friends are welcome to attend these meetings.